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Terms and conditions of use

The acceptance of orders on hand in DigiSat Castellon implies acceptance of the following general conditions of sale
  1. 1. The prices appearing in this tariff are recommended prices, he is understood without VAT. And they are valid except for fluctuations of the market or error tipografico.
  2. 2. DigiSat Castellon reserves the right to modify the prices and characteristics of the products without prior notice.
  3. 3. Transport: the shipment of our goods within the peninsula will always be to proper ports.
  4. 4. Receiver take the necessary steps with the carrier at the time of receiving the goods and, in the case of lost or damage caused to the goods, the hara record to the carrier at the same time the delivery, then warned DigiSat Castellon within less than 48 hours.
  5. 5. DigiSat Castellon reserves full ownership of the goods until the buyer has totally sastifecho the agreed amount.
  6. 6. Terms of payment will be agreed with the customer and confirmed in writing.
  7. 7. Warranty of 2 years will be to the end user, while not covered damage due to misuse, poor installation, weather damage.
  8. 8. For any matter relating to the enforcement or interpretation of the contract or its incidents, the parties expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that could correspond to them, are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts and courts of our registered office...
  9. 9. I do not know admitira return of materials within 7days.
  10. 10. Any return of goods be undertaken without prior authorization from DigiSat Castellon and in such a case always correra in charge of customer, accompanied by the original invoice.
  11. 11. In case of accepting return merchandise must be in perfect state of functioning and its original packaging.
  • The following conditions of sale shall apply to the operations of sale between DigiSat Castellon and its customers (individuals, distributors, companies,...).
  • The client performing the request says that he is familiar with the terms of the General conditions of sale and undertakes to comply with them. Only accept modifications to the General conditions of sale if they have the consent of both parties in writing and signed by representatives with sufficient powers.

Secure payment: In we offer the following forms of payment:
-payment by credit card or Paypal.
You can pay securely with your credit card through Paypal. In this case has no access to your card. Once the purchase the system takes you to the Paypal page where you can take the payment. PayPal currently has more than 270 million users and is considered one of payment systems more insurance that exist. You can get more information on its homepage We recall you that no employee of will ask you never by your card or personal data relating to payment
-payment by bank transfer:
If wish you can make the order and subsequently make a bank transfer. Here in we have to receive conformity by our Bank for which the delivery of material may be delayed 2/3 days

  • -refund:
  • You can also pay in cash at the time of delivery. This form of payment has a surcharge which can vary between 3 to 5 Euros by the Commission of the transport agency. If you prefer this type of payment please have the exact amount for the carrier.
  • -credits cards
  • Does wants to pay with credit card? No problem! WE ACCEPT VISA AND EURO-MASTERCARD! Fill in the Online form from our website and choose as a form of payment card of credit you will be redirected to the secure server of BANCO SABADELL, where you fill in your card data is fully secure Verified by VISA.(we only accept secure card). Does that mean (3Dsecure) secured my card? With Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode manages the authentication of the holder when making the purchase, i.e., that the client is identified as legitimate owner of the card you are using. To this end, during the purchase process, which will be similar to the current form, you will be presented a page so that you enter the authentication key. Thus, when the transaction is processed, can ensure that the user of the card is the legitimate owner of the same. In order to use this system of payment, it is necessary that holder appropriate register in the service through his Banco.2. FORM of ENVIOMediante transport urgent (24 h peninsula / 48 h Islands). Get out the goods on the same day of order East it must be sent prior to 11: 00 p.m. on the same day.DigiSat Castellon called by telephone to the contractor to confirm the order, if the contractor is not located the order will be not sent by backup.3.
2 Way shipping
  • by urgent transportation (24 h peninsula / 48 h Islands).
  • For the merchandise out on the same day of this order must be sent prior to 11: 00 p.m. on the same day.DigiSat Castellon
  • called by phone to the contractor to confirm the order, if the contractor is not located the order is not sent by security.
3. Conditions of sale
  • Prices and texts published in the website are subject to change without notice, including technical specifications. Obligation of the customer is to check the merchandise that is given. Claims are only permitted within the 24 hours following the delivery.Past this deadline will not be accepted claims or changes.
  • In the event of changes by defect in the product the contractor shall send the defective product assuming the cost of shipping to the following dirección:br DigiSat Castellon
  • Calle San Roque 161 under
  • 12004 Castellon
  • DigiSat Castellon will only assume the cost of shipment of the new product, by any other problem shipping assumes it the buyer.
  • The risk of loss or damage to the goods is transmitted to the client from the time at which the delivery occurs in the customer's home.
  • DigiSat Castellon is not responsible under any circumstances for the improper use of the product and the damage caused by the improper use of the same.
  • In the event that the shipment is refused by the recipient/customer for reasons unrelated to DigiSat Castellon, the entity may claim the delivery charges to the recipient of the same, obligandose it to the total payment of shipping costs incurred.
  • DigiSat Castellon reserves the right to send a different product to which appears in the image provided in but with equal performance to the product requested by the customer due to possible updates by the manufacturer.
4. Cancellation of order
  • are only permitted cancellations of orders by calling at 964 061 480 and this can only be cancelled if it has not yet been acted to your shipment. In case that had already been sent DigiSat Castellon will accept collect back the product, but the shipping costs them assume the client/purchaser whose details appear on the purchase order.
  • The obligation of the buyer/customer is to ensure that the requested product is which wish to and in case of doubt about the same is the duty of the buyer/customer contact with DigiSat Castellon through tel. 964 061 480 or by sending a message from our contact form to inquire about the product before their purchase.
5. Change of product
  • where DigiSat Castellon accept change their product for a different, as well as pay or collect the difference between products, customer will pay additional € 3 for efforts
6 Warranty and liability
  • the guarantee consists of product change another equally in the event of default of manufactures or damage caused by transport. In case of not having DigiSat Castellon, same product it will change on other similar. DigiSat Castellon never be would hara liable for damages resulting from the use of our products in the terminals or other devices of the client, in any case be responsible for the product manufacturer DigiSat Castellon is a mere Distributor.
  • Annex: the guarantee is completely invalid in case handling of the product by the buyer.
  • Orders :
  • General conditions the following terms of sale apply to all sales carried out by DigiSat Castellon.
  • Any of the following conditions affect the real rights of persons.
  • Read this document carefully and print if want you a copy of the for future reference. The realization of an order to DigiSat Castellon implies that you have read and accepted the conditions of sale. The shipment of your order is subject to the acceptance of this by DigiSat and to the availability of stock DigiSat Castellon sells not material for decoding of payment channels. Any product sold on this Web site is valid for this purpose, therefore, DigiSat Castellon does not give support to questions of this kind. The legislation categorically prohibits these practices.
  • Prices :
  • prices are VAT included. Prices may vary without prior notice DigiSat Castellon will keep all your data in safe place and out of reach of third parties (according to the law forces).
  • Shipping
  • DigiSat Castellon sends all orders by agencies of urgent service, post office, MRW or other agencies. Shipping charges and expenses arising from the sending of the order, in any case always will be at the expense of the buyer. Deliveries of the goods in the home of the buyer, according to selected mode. h., the sent will be made in the course of the next 48 hours always and when the products purchased are in Stock, if not so your order may be delayed between 4 and 8 business days. All shipments travel insured.
  • Warranty
  • warranty does not apply to faults or defects caused by accident, neglect or misuse of the product. Manipulation or variation of any product welding, cableando, adding, variation of FIRMWARE, components, etc... It will automatically void the warranty.
  • in the case of litigation, the Contracting Parties are subject to the courts and tribunals of the city of Castellon, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction that could correspond to them, assuming the party in breach of the contract the judicial and extrajudicial costs arising from the claim included the costs of lawyers, prosecutors, etc.
  • Digisat Castellon guarantees the security and confidentiality in all their communications with their customers.
  • All online payment transactions are conducted through a secure server, based on the SSL standard that protects data against attempts of violation by third parties. The purchase process data stored in a database designed for the purpose. DigiSat Castellon guarantees the protection and confidentiality of data personal, address, payment and any kind of customers pursuant to law 15/1999, of 13 of December of protection of data of a Personal nature.
  • All data provided by our customers to DigiSat Castellon or its employees, will be included in an automated file of personal data created and maintained under the responsibility of DigiSat Castellon, in order to respond to and process requests for the same satisfactorily.
  • Pursuant to article 5 of the same legal precept, DigiSat Castellon customers may, at any time, exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data by communicating it in writing to DigiSat Calle San Roque 161 under 12004 - Castellon (Spain).
  • In the event that the data supplied are associated with a purchase, the Spanish legislation compels us to keep them at least five years, so it may not be delete or rectify, although Yes block (cancel), while the client well so requests.

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