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Sending and Returns condicions

SENDING:Our agreements with the principal agencies of transport (MRW, POST OFFICE...) they allow us suminitrar in the peninsula in a term not superior to 12 p.m. (working days) from our sending (peninsula). Nevertheless to do that they have demonstrated these companies and agencies we request the good one to wait 48 hours to initiate any claim. The indications of sending (24/horas/48 horas/72 hours etc ...) they refer to the time estimated of delivery and in ningun case supposes a delivery bond on the part of DigiSat Castellon ( these period of entrga refer to sending of the same brand not being able to promise to the sending in 24/48 hours if the order consists of articles of different brands. Nevertheless and by way of information we are fulfilling it in the immense majority of orders. Sending out of the peninsula must consult.

CLAIMS: In this case we will be been charmed with of managing any incident. It can put in touch with the manager of the shop - web for (preferable) e-mail, for FAX 964061480 or for telephone 964061480 indicating him the operator who treats himself about a claim. Always have his order to I run please.

RECEIPT: DigiSat Castellon packs and packs the goods for his delivery in perfect conditions. Nevertheless to the good one to do of our collaborators any goods is capable of suffering algun blow during the transport. We request earnestly the review of the goods in the moment of the receipt not accepting ningun type of damaged packing. Being under his own responsibility to accept the above mentioned damaged packages. DigiSat Castellon neither has to transport and delivery nor can take charge of material spoilt during her. It is his responsibility to indicate it in the receipt to be able to protest to the insurance that we contract for the sending. Any sending is assured by the suitable company in every moment. 

RETURNS: We accept returns of material (always and when we receive the goods in same and exact conditions of sending) for 100% of his value in the first week from his invoice and of 90 % from the second week. Any return of expressly mounted material, manufactured or managed by his rarety remains subject to the express authorization for our part.

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